James the Just and Christian Origins:

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Juli 1999



The lack of serious and sustained investigation of the historical figure of James "the Just," brother of Jesus, is one of the curious oversights in modern critical study of Christian origins. "James the Just and Christian Origins" addresses this problem. The questions that surround this exceedingly important, yet largely ignored figure are several and complicated. Was he really the brother of Jesus? How influential was he in the early church? What was the nature of his relationship to the other apostles, especially to Paul? How did James understand Christianity's relationship to Judaism and to the people of Israel? Out of this grows a very important question: In its generative moment, was Christianity in fact as well as in its self-awareness, a species of Judaism? Contributors from several countries are currently engaged in collaborative study in James and early Jewish Christianity. "James the Just and Christian Origins" is the first of several planned volumes to be published.


Bruce Chilton: Introduction Philip Davies: James in the Qumran scrolls Peter H. Davids: Palestine traditions in the Epistle of James Jacob Neusner: Vow-taking, the Nazirites, and the Law: Does James' advice to Paul accord with Halakah? Scot McKnight: A parting within the Way: Jesus and James on Israel and purity William R. Farmer: James the Lord's brother, according to Paul Marcus Bockmuehl: Antioch and James the Just Richard J. Bauckham: For what offence was James put to death? Craig A. Evans: Jesus and James: Martyrs of the Temple Bruce Chilton: Conclusions and questions


Bruce Chilton is Bernard Iddings Bell Professor of Philosophy and Religion at Bard College, and the author of A Feast of Meanings: Eucharistic Theologies from Jesus through Johannine Circles (Brill, 1994). Craig Evans is Professor of New Testament at Trinity Western University and Senior Research Fellow at Roehampton Institute London, and author of Jesus and His Contemporaries: Comparative Studies (Brill, 1995).


'"...Un ouvrage precieux pour la connaissance d'une figure cle des origines du christianisme et du lien de ce dernier avec le judaisme."' Elian Cuvillier, "Etudes Theologiques et Religieuses", 2001. '"...the overall contribution of this volume is significant and to be welcomed."' John Painter, "Journal of Theological Studies", 2001. '"The volume edited by Chilton and Evans is an excellent contribution to that secondary material The volume is highly useful for those who want to explore such issues in greater depth."' C. Freeman Sleeper, "Interpretation, a Journal of Bible and Theology", 2001. '"Par la qualite et la complementarite [ ] cet ouvrage constitue un apport majeur "' Paul-Hubert Poirier, "Laval theologique et philosophique", 2000.
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