Byzantium in the Year 1000:

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Dezember 2002



One thousand years ago, the Byzantine Empire was reaching the height of its revival as a medieval state. The ten contributions to this volume by scholars from six European countries re-assess key aspects of the empire's politics and culture in the long reign of the emperor Basil II, whose name has come to symbolise the greatness of Byzantium in the age before the crusades.


1...Jonathan Shepard, Marriages towards the Millennium 2...Catherine Holmes, Political Elites in the Reign of Basil II 3...Jean-Claude Cheynet, Basil II and Asia Minor 4...Paul Stephenson, The Balkan Frontier in the Year 1000 5...Vera von Falkenhausen, Between Two Empires: Southern Italy in the Reign of Basil II 6...Ludwig Burgmann, Turning Sisinnios against the Sisinnians: Eustathios Romaios on a Disputed Marriage 7...Athanasios Markopoulos, Byzantine History Writing at the End of the First Millennium 8...Marc Lauxtermann, Byzantine Poetry and the Paradox of Basil II's Reign 9...Christian Hogel, Hagiography under the Macedonians: the Two Recensions of the Metaphrastic Menologion 10...Paul Magdalino, The Year 1000 in Byzantium


Paul Magdalino, FBA, D.phil. (1976) in History, Oxford, is Professor of Byzantine History at the University of St Andrews. His numerous publications include The Empire of Manuel I Komnenos, 1143-1180 (Cambridge, 1993) and Constantinople medievale (Paris, 1996).
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