Austrian Review of International and European Law, Volume 7 (2002)

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September 2004



"The Austrian Review of International and European Law" is an annual publication that provides a scholarly forum for the discussion of issues of public international and European law, with particular emphasis on topics of special interest for Austria. Its analytical articles focus on theoretical questions, current developments, and emerging tendencies in all areas of the field, including detailed reviews of relevant recent literature. Issues of human rights law and the law of international organisations are also covered. An important integral element of the Review is its digest of Austrian practice in public international law, encompassing both executive and judicial developments. The editorial board and advisory board comprise scholars and practitioners in public international and European law, ensuring that the Review adequately reflects the interrelationships between current developments and the continuing evolution of this important area of legal theory and practice.


Articles, Bernhard Knoll,
United Nations Imperium: Horizontal and Vertical Transfer of Effective Control and the Concept of Residual Sovereignty in "Internationalized territories",
Paivi Leino,
Rights, Rules and Democracy in the EU Enlargement Process: Between Universalism and Identity,
Lauri Malksoo,
State Identity, Deconstruction and "Functional Splitting": The Case of Illegal, Annexations , August Reinisch,
Some Problematic Aspects of Recent EU Financial Anti-Terrorism Measures, Christoph Schreuer,
Failure to Apply the Governing Law in International Investment Arbitration, Current Developments, Katrin Hagemann,
The EU Emissions Trading Directive versus National Efforts within the EU, David Rezac,
President Bush's Security Strategy and Its "Pre-Emptive Strikes Doctrine" - A Legal Basis for the War against Iraq?, Austrian Practice in International Law (2001/ 2002)/ Osterreichische Praxis zum Internationalen Recht (2001/2002),
Structure, Stephan Wittich & Michael Schoiswohl,
Part I: Austrian Judicial Decisions Involving Questions of International Law/ Osterreichische Judikatur zum internationalen Recht, Christina Binder, Isabelle Buffard, Gerhard Hafner & Katrin Hagemann, Part II: Austrian Diplomatic and Parliamentary Practice in International Law/Osterreichische diplomatische und parlamentarische Praxis zum internationalen Recht , Book Reviews,
Book Notes.
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