Marketing and Modernity: An Ethnography of Marketing Practice

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September 1997



Marianne E. Lien Associate Professor in Social Anthropology,University of Oslo


'This is by far the most scholarly and informative study yet produced as to how marketing operates. It is a model of how to carry out ethnographic work inside commerce that one hopes will be much emulated by future ethnographers.'Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute'... this monograph by Marianne Lien is a welcome addition to the steadily increasing store of workplace ethnographies which have expanded the traditional bounds of anthropological enquiry.'Cambridge Anthropology A welcome addition to studies of marketing and conditions of modernity in a period of globalization.'Journal of Anthropological Research'The author builds on Wilk's (1995) seminal ideas about the articulation of local difference within a global market economy to discuss how practical marketing decisions are made with regard to a range of non-local food products, turkey dinners, pizza, and prepared foods. Discussions of imagined cuisines, brands as totems, and the ironic dialectic between th
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