Argive Heraion I

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This volume inaugurates a new series providing detailed and up-to-date analyses of excavations and fieldwork conducted over more than a century at the Argive Heraion.The book opens with an overview of the site's excavation history, including photographs from the investigations of the 1890s. Chapters 1-12 fully reconstruct the Classical Temple from bottom to top, using the evidence of the existing foundations and the fragments of the architectural elements of the superstructure. These discussions are supported by an illustrated catalogue of all the known extant architectural fragments, detailed and contextual site photographs, tables, actual state drawings, and graphic reconstructions. Chapters 13-16 examine the style of the temple, in particular its blending of Peloponnesian and Attic features, to place the building within its historical, geographical, and political contexts. Four appendices, including a note on the foot-module of the temple and a report on the scientific analysis of the temple's marbles, complete the volume.This work, the first monograph devoted solely to the Classical Temple and the first concerning the site to be published in more than fifty years, will be the definitive source for scholars and students investigating the buildings of the Argive Heraion and a vital tool for those researching architectural trends of the period.


Preface; Acknowledgements; List of illustrations; List of tables; Bibliography and abbreviations; Introduction; Materials and techniques of construction; The foundations; The ramp; The krepidoma of the peristyle; The columns of the peristyle; The entablature of the peristyle; The pediments; The roof; The floor and ceiling of the peristyle; The porch facades; The walls of the porches and cella; The moldings; Polychromy; The date and style of the temple; Repairs and later history of the temple; Appendix 1: Catalogue of architectural elements; Appendix 2: The survey of the foundations and the preparation of the actual-state plan; Appendix 3: Note on the foot unit of the temple and list of the principal dimensions; Appendix 4: Report on marble analysis; Concordance; Index of architectural elements and sculpture in collections; Index of ancient sources; General index.


Christopher Pfaff is Associate Professor of Classics at Florida State University and specialises in Greek art and architecture.

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