The Wild Region in Life-History

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April 2004



A critique of--and alternative to--pure narrative approaches to life-history, offered by a distinguished Hungarian philospher


Preface and Acknowledgements Prelude Self-Identity and Life-History I. Self-Identity as Narrated Life-Story II. Dispossessed Sense in Life-History Chapter One: Experiential Sense in Life-History I. The Sense of Experience II. Experience and Expression Chapter Two: The Temporality of Experience in Life-History I. Temporal Modification and Primal Impression II. The Temporality of a Radical Turn in Life-History Chapter Three: Self-Identity and the Experience of Alterity I. Narrative Identity and Alterity II. intersubjectivity and Wild Alterity III. The Experience of Alien Alterity Chapter Four: Elements for an Ethic of Alterity I. Moral Law and Wild Responsibility II. Moral Autonomy and Narrative Identity III. The Philosophical Discovery of Desire IV. Guilt as a Refusal of Response


LASZLO TENGELYI is a professor of philosophy at the Bergische Universitat-Gesamthochschule Wuppertal in Germany and serves on the aditorial board for the journal Husserl Studies. He has published numerous articles in international journals as well as several books in Hungarian. GEZA KALLAY is an associate professor in the Department of English Studies at Eotvos Lorand University in Hungary.

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