Russia and the Third World in the Post-Soviet Era

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Mai 1994



The end of the Soviet Union, and of the Cold War, mark a revolutionary watershed in Russia's relations with the Third World. This book of essays, many written by policy-makers in today's Russia, aims to contribute to debate on political, social and economic developments in international relations.


Russia and the Third World after the Soviet Union - Departure, Convergence, or a New Centaur?, Mohiaddin Mesbahi. Part 1 The Soviet Collapse, the World Order, and Shifting Paradigms: A Requiem for the Soviet Union, Vendulka Kubalkova; the "Third Worldization" of Russia and Eastern Europe, Andre Gunder Frank; the "End of History" and the Third World - the Relevance of Ideology, Georgy I. Mirsky; The Collapse of the USSR and the Future of the Socialist Model, Elizabeth Kridl Valkenier. Part 11 The Soviet Experience in the Third World: the USSR and the Third World - A Historical Perspective, Yuri Krasin; Russia's "New Thinking" and the Third World, Victor A. Kremenyuk. Part 3 Moscow, the United States, and the Third World: The Dynamics of US-Russian Interaction in the Third World during the Gorbachev Era and Beyond, Alvin Z. Rubinstein; America's Post-Cold War Military Policy in the Third World, Mark N. Katz; The End of the Cold War and the "New World Order" - Implications for the Developing World, Roger E. Kanet and James T. Alexander. Part 4 Regional Studies: Russia, Africa, and the End of the Cold War, Stephen Neil MacFarlane; Russia and the Asia-Pacific Region - Toward a New Doctrine, Gennady Chufrin; Moscow, Cuba, and Central America, Anatoly Glinkin; Moscow's Relations with Argentina and Brazil-End or Renewal?, Aldo C. Vacs; Russia and the Middle East - Continuity and Change, Irina Zviagelskaya and Vitaly Naumkin; The Dynamics of Russian-Afghan Relations - A View from Moscow, Yuri V. Gankovsky; The Collapse of the USSR and the Northern Tier States, Shireen T. Hunter.
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