Immigrants at the Margins: Law, Race, and Exclusion in Southern Europe

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April 2010



This provocative volume explores immigration law in Spain and Italy, and exposes the tension between the temporary legal status of most immigrants, and the government emphasis on integration. It demonstrates the connections among immigrants' role as cheap labor--carefully inscribed in law--and their social exclusion and racialization. At the broadest level, the book engages questions of citizenship and belonging in this global era. It uniquely combines analysis of immigration laws and immigrants' daily experiences.


1. Introduction; 2. Legal framework and the wayward 'legs of law'; 3. 'Useful invaders': the economics of alterite; 4. Integrating the other; 5. The everyday dynamics of exclusion: work, health, and housing; 6. Fuel on the fire: politics, crime, and racialization; 7. Conclusion: immigrants and other strangers in the global marketplace.


University of California, Irvine.


'Immigrants at the Margins is highly recommended.' New Law Journal ' ... offers a compelling view of the complex world of contemporary immigration in Italy and spain ... Calavita's poignant narrative is nevertheless breathtaking ...' Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies
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