The Democratic Socialism of Emile Vandervelde: Between Reform and Revolution

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Winner of the Pierlot Prize in Contemporary History
This political biography of Emile Vandervelde traces the path of European socialism at the turn of the century. Vandervelde defined democratic socialism as a compromise between orthodox and revisionist Marxism. As President of the Second International, he brought French, British, and German socialists together as comrades in a common revolutionary struggle.
This history of the struggles of two generations of socialists to define and practise what Vandervelde called 'revolutionary reformism' draws attention to the Marxist origins of democratic socialism and will appeal to anyone interested in politics, comparative history or labour movements.


Of positivism and peasants; parler Belge - the general strike for universal manhood suffrage; defending the indigenous peoples of the Congo - socialism and colonialism; socialist comrades - the second international; the king's minister and the international - a socialist generation at war; the Russian Revolution observed; the revolution from within - interwar, participation in the government; internationalism - a dream not revived; the insider as outsider - socialist nationalism and the Spanish Civil War.


Janet Polasky Professor of History,University of New Hampshire


'I am convinced that The Democratic Socialism of Emile Vandervelde will become a classic.'Jean Stengers, Emeritus Professor of Contemporary History at the University of Brussels'Polasky's book on the Belgian socialist Emile Vandervelde is a masterpiece.'Andrei S. Markovits, Professor and Chair, Board of Studies in Politics, University of California, Santa Cruz'Janet Polasky has managed to bring Vandervelde alive. This book should be used in many of the courses presently being developed to study 'the other socialism' and its history.'-- Patricia Penne Hilden, Institute of Liberal Arts, Emory University'Janet Polasky's thorough and well-constructed reappraisal of Vandervelde is fascinating not only for the light is sheds on its main subject, but also as a case study in the evolution of European socialism. ...Polasky's model political biography is at the same time a case study of the evolution - some would say degeneration - of an ideology and a movement which hoped to c
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