Miners on Strike: Class Solidarity and Division in Britain

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Januar 1997



When contrasted with their dramatic strike victories of 1972 and 1974, the shattering industrial defeat suffered by British miners in 1985 has been seen as evidence of the further weakening of working-class solidarity. Waged with complete unity, the strikes of 1972 and 1974 brought the miners substantial material gains, contributed to the downfall of a government, and reinforced the National Union of Mineworkers' position at the core of the British labour movement. In contrast, 1984-85 saw the miners racked by internal division, and their attempt to resist the pit closure programme of the Thatcher government end in bitter defeat.


'Andrew Richards tells (the miners') story, often in their own words, with insight and empathy.'TLS'In eight succinct chapters Andrew Richard charts the complexity and resilience of class solidarity in that momentous year. [...] ... the richness of the book is that it really does look at the rank and file miners and how they and their families interpreted the strike and its significance for their lives and those of their friends.'The Lecturer - NAHFE'This is an important book because it analyses conciousness and action during the most significant industrial struggle ever witnessed in the UK, using the participants' words and perspectives.'Labour History Review
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