Cultural Anthropology of the Middle East, a Bibliography, Volume 2 Cultural Anthropology of the Middle East 1988-1992: A Bibliography

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During the last two decades, the number of anthropologists conducting research in the Middle East has increased considerably. Together they have produced an abundance of valuable studies, often based on prolonged periods of ethnographic fieldwork. "Cultural Anthropology of the Middle East. A Bibliography" offers a comprehensive survey of their results. The first volume, published in 1992, covered publications which appeared between 1965 and 1987. The second volume brings the bibliography further up to date, listing publications between 1988 and 1992, and adds some 260 titles which were published up through 1987. As in the first volume, the majority of the titles are annotated.


Ruud Strijp, MA in Cultural Anthropology, University of Nijmegen, the Netherlands. He has published several articles on Islam in Tunisia and the Netherlands. Currently he is conducting his doctorate research on ethnicity and Islam among Moroccan migrants in the Netherlands.


'"This volume is most useful for the wide range of periodicals that Strijp has combed for articles, a range much greater than that found in other bibliographical resources."' Brannon Wheeler, "Religious Studies Review", 1998. From the reviews of Volume 1: '"A monumental guide for the study of anthropology of the Middle East...A must for every social science reference collection."' "Choice", 1992 '"...an impressive reference tool on the life and society of the Middle East which no student can afford to miss...the volume is a mine of scholarly information."' "Muslim World Book Review", 1996.
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