Autonomy and the Challenges to Liberalism: New Essays

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September 2008



In recent years the concepts of individual autonomy and political liberalism have been the subjects of intense debate, but these discussions have occurred largely within separate academic disciplines. Autonomy and the Challenges to Liberalism contains for the first time new essays devoted to foundational questions regarding both the notion of the autonomous self and the nature and justification of liberalism. Written by leading figures in moral, legal and political theory, the volume covers inter alia the following topics: the nature of the self and its relation to autonomy, the social dimensions of autonomy and the political dynamics of respect and recognition, and the concept of autonomy underlying the principles of liberalism.


Contributors; Preface; 1. Introduction John Christman and Joel Anderson; Part I. The Self-Conceptions of the Autonomous Self: 2. Decentralising autonomy: five faces of selfhood Diana Tietjens Meyers; 3. The self as narrator J. David Velleman; 4. Autonomy and self identity Marina A. L. Oshana; Part II. The Interpersonal-Personal Authority and Interpersonal Recognition: 5. Taking ownership: authority and voice in autonomous agency Paul Benson; 6. Autonomy, vulnerability, recognition, and justice Joel Anderson and Axel Honneth; 7. Autonomy and male dominance Marilyn Friedman; Part III. The Social-Public Policy and Liberal Principles: 8. Republican virtue, liberal freedom, and the problem of public service Richard Dagger; 9. Liberal autonomy and consumer sovereignty Joseph Heath; 10. Political liberty: integrating five conceptions of autonomy Rainer Forst; Part IV. The Political-Liberalism, Legitimacy, and Public Reason: 11. Liberalism without agreement: political autonomy and agonistic citizenship Bert van den Brink; 12. The place of autonomy within liberalism Gerald F. Gaus; 13. Moral autonomy and personal autonomy Jeremy Waldron; 14. Autonomy, self-knowledge, and liberal legitimacy John Christman; Bibliography; Index.


John Christman is Associate Professor of Philosophy and Political Science at Pennsylvania State University. Joel Anderson is Research Lecturer in Philosophical Anthropology, Department of Philosophy, at the University of Utrecht, The Netherlands.


Review of the hardback: '... I believe that this volume makes an important contribution both to liberal political theory and to the theory of autonomous agency by bringing together articles that address the concept of autonomy from a variety of theoretical perspectives, using a diverse range of methodologies. The volume ought to contribute to the cross-pollination of the various literatures involved.' David Copp, University of Florida Review of the hardback: 'Autonomy and the Challenges to Liberalism is an excellent collection of essays that significantly advances theoretical debates about autonomy within moral psychology, action theory and liberal political philosophy.' The Journal of Value Inquiry '... the volume is a valuable addition to the literature on autonomy. Readers interested in the place of autonomy within liberal political theory will find it particularly rewarding.' The Journal of Utilitas
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