Copyright Exceptions: The Digital Impact

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Copyright 'exceptions' or 'users' rights' have become a highly controversial aspect of copyright law. Most recently, Member States of the European Union have been forced to amend their systems of exceptions so as to comply with the Information Society Directive. Taking the newly amended UK legislation as a case study, this book examines why copyright exceptions are necessary and the forces that have shaped the present legislative regime in the UK. It seeks to further our understanding of the exceptions by combining detailed doctrinal analysis with insights gained from a range of other sources. The principal argument of the book is that the UK's current system of 'permitted acts' is much too restrictive and hence is in urgent need of reform, but that paradoxically the Information Society Directive points the way towards a much more satisfactory approach.


Introduction; Part I. Where We Are: 1. Copyright and freedom of expression; 2. Fair dealing for the purposes of criticism, review and news reporting and related exceptions; 3. The public interest defence; 4. Use by researchers, educational establishments, libraries and archives; 5. The library and archive provisions and related exceptions; Part II. How We Got There: 6. Markets and metaphors; 7. Copyright in supranational fora; 8. Copyright in the domestic arena; Part III. Where We Go From Here: 9. The fair use panacea; 10. A model for reform.


Australian National University.


Review of the hardback: '... the scope and coverage of this book is broad and detailed ... the book is very well written and makes an informed, interesting and valuable contribution to the ongoing debate about the role of copyright law in a digitised information economy.' CTLR, The Journal of E-commerce, Technology and Communications Review of the hardback: '... an exceptionally accurate and well-documented examination of the most fundamental copyright exceptions and their operation within the UK copyright system. ... a valuable resource, which deserves the attention of whoever wants to deepen his or her understanding of the fundamental values hidden among copyright exemptions.' European Intellectual Property Review Review of the hardback: '... a concise yet comprehensive survey of the important topics and recent developments in the field of copyright exceptions in the digital age. ... a meticulous assessment ... extremely readable and the commentary enriched by the identification of problems, posing of questions, presentation of examples and scholarly insights. It is a must for anyone interested in this debate.' The Cambridge Law Journal
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