Novum Testamentum, Supplements, the Early Church in Its Context: Essays in Honor of Everett Ferguson

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Februar 1998



This volume honors Professor Everett Ferguson of Abilene Christian University on the occasion of his sixty-fifth birthday. Reflecting the interests of the honoree, the twenty-one contributions focus on various aspects of the early church and its environment. Together the articles form a broad tapestry of interrelated topics informed from the disciplines of philosophy, patristic theology, archaeology, rhetoric, art, Greco-Roman religion, and biblical studies.


What gnostics knew, H.W. Attridge; Attitudes towards foreigners in two Maccabees, Eupolemus, Esther, Aristeas, and Luke-Acts, D.L. Balch; En-spirited waters: baptism in the "Confessions" of Augustine", P. Bright; Cyprian's eschatology: explaining divine purpose, J. Patout Burns; The reading of the personal letter as the background for the reading of the Scriptures in the early Church, C.E. Cox; The Papias fragments on Mark and Matthew and their relationship to Luke's prologue: an essay on the pre-history of the synoptic problem, D. Farkasfalvy; Further reflections on the fourfold Gospel Canon, W.R. Farmer; A late-antique tunic fragment in St. Louis, P.C. Finney; Eusebius and "The little Labyrinth", J.T. Fitzgerald; Lions in early Christian literature, R.M. Grant; Cicero's sketch and Lactantius's plan, R.A. Greer; Incense offering in the Syriac "Transitus Mariae": ritual and knowledge in ancient Christianity, S.A. Harvey; "Pseudo-Orpheus": tracking a tradition, C.R. Holladay; The Athanasian understanding of Scripture, C. Kannengiesser; Conversion to Paul's Gospel, A.J. Malherbe; The Chreia in the desert: rhetoric and the Bible in the "Apophthegmata Patrum", K. McVey; Encyclopedia revisited, F.W. Norris; Fourth- and fifth-century homilists on the Ascension of Christ, H.F. Stander; A cult from Philadelphia: Oikos religion or cultic association? S.K. Stowers; The appropriate, the necessary and the impossible: faith and reason in Hebrews, J.W. Thompson; The public priestesses of Pompeii, R.B. Ward.


Abraham J. Malherbe, Buckingham Emeritus Professor of New Testament, Yale Divinity School Frederick W. Norris, Dean E. Walker Professor of Church History, Emmanuel School of Religion James W. Thompson, Professor of New Testament, Abilene Christian University
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