A History of Franciscan Education (C. 1210-1517)

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September 2000



The history of education within the Franciscan order during the medieval period is presented here in a new light. This comprehensive volume offers a new synthesis of Franciscan education, showing the dynamic development of the Franciscan school network, between the early thirteenth and the early sixteenth century. The organisation of study houses throughout the many Franciscan order provinces are discussed, as well as the relationship between these Franciscan study houses and the medieval universities and the various study programs offered to Franciscan students. Separate chapters are devoted to related issues, such as library formation, the instruction of homiletic techniques, and the formation of Franciscan theological schools of thought.The work emphasises the dynamics of the Franciscan school network and the importance of extra-curricular activities in the schools at convent and custodial levels.


Bert Roest, Dr. (1996) in the Arts, University of Groningen, is at present Fellow of the Dutch Royal Academy. He has published on later medieval historiography and Franciscan religious thought.


'"...a mine of information and suggestions for future research." Duane J. Osheim, "Renaissance Quarterly". '"This is the first major work in English to explore the history of the movement and its extensive network of schools a sure foundation for all those who wish to increase their knowledge of diverse aspects of the arrangement of the Franciscan schools in the Middle Ages." Michael Robson, "Journal of Ecclesiastical History".
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