Aristotle: Semantics and Ontology: Volume II: The "Metaphysics." Semantics in Aristotle's Strategy of Argument

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Juli 2002



This study intends to show that the ascription of many shortcomings or obscurities to Aristotle is due to the persistent misinterpetation of key notions in his works, including anachronistic perceptions of statement making.In the first volume Aristotle's semantics is culled from the Organon. The second volume presents Aristotle's ontology of the sublunar world, and pays special attention to his strategy of argument in light of his semantic views.The reconstruction of the semantic models that come forward as genuinely Aristotelian can give a new impetus to the study of Aristotelian philosophic and semantic thought.


L.M. de Rijk, is Professor Emeritus of Ancient and Medieval Philosophy at the University of Leiden, and Honorary Professor at the University of Maastricht. He was a member of the Dutch Parliament (Senate, 1956-91; Deputy Speaker 1980-91), and is a Member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences (KNAW). He is the author of a large number of publications on Ancient and Medieval Philosophy, including Plato's Sophist. A Philosophical Commentary (1984), The Letters of Nicholas of Autrecourt (Brill, 1985) and Giraldus Odonis, Opera philosophica (Brill, 1997).
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