The Imperial Cult in the Latin West, Volume III: Provincial Cult. Part 2: The Provincial Priesthood

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September 2002



This volume analyzes the priesthood of the provincial cult in every province of the Latin west where evidence has survived in the period from Augustus down to the mid third century.Particular attention is paid to the epigraphic record, notably the Testimony of honorific statues especially at provincial centres, but discussion also focusses on the origin and background of provincial priests, their office and duties, and their careers both before and after holding provincial office.Of special interest are the sixteen tables that list the main facts preserved by the epigraphic record, also a concluding overview that summarizes the principal features of the institution including the office of priestess and the role of administrative officials. Some fifty plates illustrate the text.


Duncan Fishwick, B.A. (Manchester), M.A. (Oxford), Ph.D. (Manchester), D.Litt. (Leiden), is Emeritus University Professor of Classics, University of Alberta. He has published extensively in various fields of Roman History, notably the Imperial Cult, including The Imperial Cult in the Latin West. Vols. 1,1-2; 2,1-2 (Brill, 1987-92).


'"Fishwick's oeuvre is of such a consistently high quality that it is destined to join the ranks of the standard works on Roman social history. Its traditional approach and format are consistent with its function as an important reference. It will be an invaluable mine of ideas and information for future scholars. This volume, together with the whole series, is a very useful resource on the imperial cult that should be accessible to students of Roman history, especially graduate students."' Nayla Kabazi Muntasser, "BMCR", 2006
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