Human Dignity and Human Cloning

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Januar 2004



"Human Dignity and Human Cloning" contains contributions by philosophers, theologians and lawyers on legal and ethical questions concerning the reproductive and therapeutic cloning of human beings. The main focus lies on the admissibility of cloning in German Constitutional law as well as in public international law. As these legal questions cannot be answered without taking account of the ethical discussion, the topic is analyzed from different cultural and religious viewpoints.


Preface, (Silja Voneky/Rudiger Wolfrum); List of Contributors; List of Abbreviations;
Part 1: Human Creation and Human Dignity in Religious and Ethical Perspectives;
1. The Creation and the Dignity of Man in Islam (Reza Sheikholeslami);
2. The Pali Buddhist Approach to Human Cloning (Andrew Huxley);
3. Some Aspects of the Buddhist Assessment of Human Cloning (Jens Schlieter);
4. The Jewish Perspective on Cloning (Manfred Oeming);
5. Christianity and Western Philosophy (Robert Spaemann);
Part 2: Human Cloning from a Scientific Perspective;
6. Human Cloning from a Scientific Perspective (Ernst-Ludwig Winnacker);
Part 3: Limits to Human Cloning under the German Constitution;
7. The Human Embryo is a Person and not an Object (Christian Starck);
8. Does the German Basic Law Protect against Human Cloning? (Jorn Ipsen);
9. Does Cloning Violate the Basic Law's Guarantee of Human Dignity? (Horst Dreier);
10. Back to Kant! An Interjection in the Debate on Cloning and Human Dignity (Wolfgang Graf Vitzthum);
11. From Procreation to Generation? Constitutional and Legal-Political Issues in Bioethics (Brigitte Zypries);
Part 4: Limits to Human Cloning in International Law;
12. International Legal Limits to Human Cloning (Hans Lilie);
13. Who Is Protected by Human Rights Conventions? Protection of the Embryo vs. Scientific Freedom and Public Health (Rudiger Wolfrum/Silja Voneky);
14. The Negotiations on a Treaty on Cloning: Some Reflections (Mahnoush H. Arsanjani);
15. A Convention on Cloning - Annotations to an almost Unsolvable Dilemma (Spiros Simitis); Annex: Relevant International and National Documents; I. International Convention against the (Reproductive) Cloning of Human Beings; II. Other International Resolutions and Declarations; III. Council of Europe; IV. European Union; V. German Law.



Silja Voneky, Dr., is a Researcher at the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law, Heidelberg. Rudiger Wolfrum, Prof., is Director of the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law, Heidelberg.
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