How to Have a Nice Day

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"I earn over USD1 million dollars per year and Gary has been one of my teachers. I am Having a Nice Day, everyday. Thank you, Gary" - Shawn Casey, author, www ShawnCasey.com; Duluth, Ga. "A buldging disc has aggravated me for many years and I was told surgery was the only answer. My world has opened in so many ways since reading Gary's book. Now, I am pain free and Having a very Nice Day.Thank you, Gary." - Phyllis Cole,Mgr. Insurance Industry; Tarpon Springs, Fl. "After 27 years of Multiple Sclerosis the symptoms are miraculously regressing and I am finally Having a Nice Day. Chapter 5 has changed my life. Thank you, Gary" - Sandra Kischuk, www LivingBeyondLimits.com and former IBM Project Mgr.; Tampa. Fl. "I've purchased four copies of Gary's book. Why? Because the greatest gift I can give is health, happiness, and peace. Thank you, Gary" - Susan Sexauer, Animal Behavioral Specialist, Tampa, Fl.

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