The Performance of Human Rights in Morocco

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Februar 2005



"The Performance of Human Rights in Morocco" is a unique distillation of politics, anthropology, and performance, offering both a clear picture of the present state of human rights and a vision of a possible future for public protest and dissidence in Morocco.


List of Illustrations Preface
Chapter 1: Law and Custom
Chapter 2: Disappearance
Chapter 3: Prison
Chapter 4: The 1981 Casablanca Uprising and Its Aftermath
Chapter 5: Rani nimhik: Women and Testimony
Chapter 6: Islamist Political Prisoners
Chapter 7: Hatta la yatakarrar hadha: Never This Again Notes Bibliography Index Acknowledgments


Susan Slyomovics is Genevieve McMillian-Reba Stewart Professor for the Study of Women in the Developing World and Professor of Anthropology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She is coeditor of Women and Power in the Middle East and author of The Object of Memory: Arab and Jew Narrate the Palestinian Village, winner of the Albert Hourani Book Award and available from the University of Pennsylvania Press.


"An important contribution to scholarship on an area of the world that receives relatively little attention ... as well as an important contribution to what is fast becoming a fifth subfield for anthropology: legal anthropology."-Journal of Folklore Research
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