A Vision for Today: John Eggleston's Writings on Education

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Februar 2004



John Eggleston's influence on education is still felt today. In his radical research project for the British Schools Council in the 1970s, he changed the school subject of Craft forever, shaping it into the subject of Design and Technology as now taught in the national curriculum. And in the 1980s he led a research team at at Keele University that theorised the sociology of education. The Eggleston Report, Education for Some, was commissioned by the British government and revealed the racism in education not dealt with in the parallel Swann Report.


"I recommend this book.... to those of you who remember John Eggleston as a visionary, a luminary who changed the face of some aspects of the British school curriculum and highlighted many inadequacies in the system, then - yes, I can. To those others who have a passion to consider the educational process, curriculum and analysis of such areas as work experience, racial inequality and social injustice - I say you will find this book of immense value. It is not a biography (although it does include a brief cv and an obituary) - it is a reflection on a most perceptive individual and his great contribution to educational planning and policy. British Educational Communications and Technology Agency 2005"
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