Constitutional Failure: Carl Schmitt in Weimar

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September 2004



The author's argument that Carl Schmitt's critique of Weimar Republic liberalism cannot be countered by reforming liberalism is also a contribution to current political theory and an analysis of contemporary liberalism.


In the dark years: 1933-1945; The sovereign moment; Norm and expectation; The political and its theory; Constitutional theory; Constitutional failure


Ellen Kennedy is Professor of Political Science at the University of Pennsylvania. Among her books are "The Bundesbank: Germany's Central Bank in the International Monetary System"; "Freedom and the Open Society: Henri Bergson's Contribution to Political Philosophy"; and the English translation of Carl Schmitt's "Crisis of Parliamentary Democracy."


"Ellen Kennedy connects the theoretical and practical aspects of Schmitt's writings in an unprecedented way. Scholars have endlessly speculated about the relationship of the ambiguous content of Schmitt's thought and the undeniable facts surrounding his political actions: Kennedy is on much firmer ground than any other English-language scholar in bringing the two together."--John P. McCormick, author of Carl Schmitt's Critique of Liberalism: Against Politics as Technology "Constitutional Failure provides a useful antidote for the talk dominant today of deliberative democracy, procedures, and dialogue, and so contributes in important ways to contemporary political theory as well as to an understanding of Carl Schmitt."--David Dyzenhaus, editor of Law as Politics: Carl Schmitt's Critique of Liberalism
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