Jebens: Cargo, Cult & Cult Crit CL

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Oktober 2004



Cargo cults have long exerted a remarkable attraction on Westerners, and the last decade has seen the publication of much new work on the subject. This collection of original essays is based on fieldwork in Melanesia, Fiji, Australia, and Indonesia by scholars who are influential in the contemporary debate on cargo. Conceived as a reader for undergraduate and graduate courses, the volume offers an up-to-date view of the subject and the debates it arouses among contemporary anthropologists. Some contributors plead for the abolition of "cargo" because of its troublesome implications, but also because, in the authors' view, cargo cults do not exist as identifiable objects of study. Others argue that it is precisely this troublesome nature that makes the term a useful analytical tool that should be welcomed rather than rejected. By delineating and substantiating key issues and positions in this lively and ongoing debate, this volume underscores and refines the contemporary reevaluation of cargo cults. Scholars of the Pacific region and others interested in new religious movements should find this volume both enlightening and compelling.


"Anyone involved in the Pacific region will be interested in this volume, and scholars who follow 'new religious movements' should find it exceptionally provocative." - Nancy McDowell, Beloit College; "Plays out a very lively debate in contemporary Melanesian anthropology." - Dan Jorgensen, University of Western Ontario"
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