Democracy from Above: Regional Organizations and Democratization

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Few scholars have systematically examined whether the world outside a state's borders can influence the prospects for democracy. Jon Pevehouse argues that regional organizations, such as the European Union and the Organization of American States, can have an important role in both the transition to, and the longevity of, democracy. Combining statistical analysis and case study evidence, Pevehouse finds that regional organizations can be a potent force for instilling and protecting democracy throughout the world.


1. Democratization and international relations; 2. Regional organizations, the transition to and the consolidation of democracy; 3. The supply-side of democratization and initial tests; 4. Regional organizations and the transition to democracy; 5. Regional organizations and the transition to democracy: evidence from cases; 6. Regional organizations and democratic consolidation; 7. Regional organizations and the consolidation of democracy: evidence from cases; 8. Conclusion.


Jon C. Pevehouse is Assistant Professor at the University of Wisconsin. He has published in journals such as the American Political Science Review, American Journal of Political Science, International Organization, Journal of Politics and Journal of Conflict Resolution.


'Democracy from Above bridges disciplinary and methodological categories in a smart and thorough way. Students of both international organisations and democratisation will have to contend with the book's convincing conclusions, and policy-makers should as well.' The Review of International Organizations
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