International Law Reports

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The International Law Reports is the only publication in the world wholly devoted to the regular and systematic reporting in English of decisions of international courts and arbitrators as well as judgments of national courts. It is therefore an essential work of reference. Cases are drawn from every relevant jurisdiction--international and national. These reports offer the most economical and efficient way of accessing the whole range of international case law.


Brasserie du Pecheur SA v. Federal Republic of Germany; Regina v. Secretary of State for Transport, ex parte Factortame Ltd. and Others (Joined Cases C-46/93 and C-48/93), Melchers and Co v. Federal Republic of Germany, Heinz v. Contracting Parties to the European Patent Convention, Gestra v. Italy, A.G. and Others v. Italy, Beldjoudi v. France, Kolompar v. Belgium, Lopez Ostra v. Spain, Quinn v. France, Nasri v. France, Gul v. Switzerland, Prosecutor v. Erdemovic (Sentencing Appeal) (Case IT-96-22-A), Prosecutor v. Mrksic, Radic, Sljivancanin and Dokmanovic (Decision on the Motion for Release by the Accused Slavko Dokmanovic) (Case (IT-95-13a-PT), Re Protocol No. 6 to the European Convention on Human Rights [France]. Re Election for the Fifth Constituency of Val D'Oise. GISTI [France]. Chambre Syndicale des Transports Aeriens [France]. Dankha [France]. Lujambio Galdeano [France]. Bereciartua-Echarri [France]. Prefect of Herault v. Dakoury [France]. Duvalier and Madame Duvalier [France]. Cheng [France]. Agyepong [France]. Kone [France]. Prefect of Essonne v. Ariste [France]. In re Schmidt [England]. Hipperson and Others v. Director of Public Prosecutions [England]. A Limited v. B Bank and Bank of X [England]. Bank of Credit and Commerce International (Overseas) Ltd (In Liquidation) v. Price Waterhouse (A Firm) and Others [England]. Propend Finance Pty Limited and Others v. Sing and Others [England].
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