Lesbian Rule: Cultural Criticism and the Value of Desire

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November 2003



A theory-driven study of the invisibility of lesbians in post-WW2 American culture.


Introduction; 1. Lesbian rule; 2. Droits de regards/ Rights of inspection :For Agnes and Inez Albright; 3. Archiving the diaspora: A lesbian impression; 4. Absolut queer: Cuba and its spectators; 5. Forbidden love: Pulp as lesbian history; Afterword: Straight to video


Amy Villarejo is Associate Professor in the Department of Theater, Film, and Dance at Cornell University. She is coauthor of "Queen Christina" and coeditor of "Keyframes: Popular Film and Cultural Studies."


"[T]he reader of Lesbian Rule is left with as many questions as answers, but they are questions that inspire readers to continue Villarejo's examination of popular imagery."--On Campus With Women "[A]n erudite and complicated book..."--Monica B. Pearl, GLQ "Lesbian Rule [is] a book which retains trans-regional relevance. Villarejo provides real tools with which we can investigate the cinematic lesbian as she appears, or indeed, does not seem to appear, in the lounge rooms, the archives and at the festivals of those of us as far away as Australia."-- Megan Carrigy, Senses of Cinema
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