The Expediency of Culture: Uses of Culture in the Global Era

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Januar 2004



Deals with global flows of capital, information and popular culture, questions of hybridity, identity politics, postcoloniality and the state, with a focus on Latin America.


Introduction; 1. The expediency of culture; 2. The social imperative to perform; 3. The globalization of culture and the new civil society; 4. The funkification of Rio; 5. Parlaying culture into social justice; 6. Consumption and citizenship?; 7. The globalization of Latin America: Miami; 8. Free trade and culture; 9. Producing the cultural economy: the collaborative art of Insite


George Yudice is Professor of American Studies and Spanish and Portuguese Languages and Literatures and Director of the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies at New York University. He is the coauthor of "Cultural Policy" and coeditor of "On Edge: The Crisis of Contemporary Latin American Culture."


"The Expediency of Culture is nuanced in its examination of the power brokers, those enabled but also broken or damaged at the intersections and interstices of empire and transnational capitalism."--Global Media and Communication, 1 (1) "George Yudice's book demonstrates more clearly than any other I know how deeply and inextricably culture is today, in the era of globalization, embedded in economic circuits and political regimes. His provocative analyses of the function of culture in contexts throughout the Americas give us a new and powerful model for cultural studies."--Michael Hardt, coauthor of Empire "The present substantial book ... confirms the nuanced complexity and importance of Yudice's work... [T]his learned volume offers a coherent perspective on the links between urban locality, national territory, transnational and global commerce in culture, and mobile group identities. Highly recommended."--Khachig Tololyan, CHOICE "This book takes a broad sweep at understanding new cultural forms. It accounts for local and global changes and suggests an instrumental role for the arts in the future."--John Knight, Leonardo "[T]he best parts of Yudice's book are dedicated to case studies of just such institutional reconversions. In examples that range across the Americas, he presents detailed analyses of particular examples of complex negotiations within expedient culture... Yudice's description of the emerging model of culture and his attentiveness to the effects of international monetary policy and global economic interests on culture are convincing and they serve well as a corrective to an overemphasis on issues of representation and interpretation in the practice of Cultural Studies today."--Elizabeth Walden, Culture Machine "Expediency of Culture represents a major contribution to the field. It is crossdisciplinary in its scope and manages to provide a sober and balanced assessment of the challenges confronting cultural activists and reformers. The issues raised are important in the age of terrorism and governmental spin-doctoring, a theme dealt with in the final chapter. What might advocates of culture as resource offer to the war on terror? Will appeals to community prevail? Where does the anti-globalization go from here? These are important issues and Yudice is challenging us to reassess our understandings of how culture works on the social. I hope that this timely publication will bring Yudice's work to a wider readership."--Michael Keane, Continuum "Yudice monitors an ethical pulse to culture's utilization. Through careful analysis of cultural events and collaborations (including the national politics of samba, Afro reggae, and funk music in Brazil; Rio de Janeirian citizen initiatives of Viva Rio and the Associacao Internacional Arte Sem Fronteiras; the Zapatista movement in Mexico; Miami-based media production targeting a hemisphere of Latin consumers; and the triennial inSITE art exhibition on the border between San Diego and Tijuana), Yudice avers that cultural policy is influenced not only by 'corporations, the media, foundations, politicians' but 'sometimes even citizens' (286)... [N]uanced..."--Kendall Johnson, American Literature
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