Aging of the Organs and Systems

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During the last 40 years, the study of the biological basis of aging has progressed tremendously, and it has now become an independent and respectable field of study and research.
This volume on "Aging of Organs and Systems", is an attempt to bring understanding to both the aging process and the disease processes of old age. Bringing together contributions from an international team of authors, it will be of interest to graduates and postgraduates in the fields of medicine and nursing, researchers of different aspects of biogerontology and those in the pharmaceutical, cosmeceutical, nutriceutical and health-care industry.


Editorial: About the series 'Biology of aging and its modulation'; S. Rattan
1. The relationship between cell turnover and tissue aging; Richard G.A. Faragher
2. Aging of the skin; P. Stephens
3. Skeletal muscle aging; Caroline S. Broome, Aphrodite Vasilaki and Anne McArdle
4. Aging of the hematopoietic system; Peter M. Lansdorp
5. Aging of the human skeleton and its contribution to osteoporotic fractures; Moustapha Kassem, Kim Brixen and Leif Mosekilde
6. Aging of the cardiovascular system; James D. Cameron and Christopher J. Bulpitt
7. Aging of the gastrointestinal system; L. Drozdowski, M. Keelan, M.T. Clandinin and A.B.K Thomson
8. Aging of the eye; John J. Harding
9. Aging and the oral cavity; Dirk Bister
10. Aging and the immune system; Sian Henson and Richard Aspinall
11. Aging of the nervous system; M.J. Saffrey
12. Aging of the liver; Joseph M. Dhahbi and Stephen R. Spindler
13. The aging male reproductive system; Rafi T. Kevorkian and John E. Morley
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