Information and Communication Technology and the Teacher of the Future: Ifip Tc3 / Wg3.1 & Wg3.3 Working Conference on Ict and the Teacher of the Futu

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September 2003



This collection of papers presents a very comprehensive overview of the concerns and developments in the use of Information and Communication Technologies that are currently of relevance to educators and educational policy makers across the globe. While the papers in one sense incorporate wide-ranging perspectives deriving from varying national contexts, their grouping within topic areas reveals more commonalities of concern than differences. The first topic area, "The Teacher of the Future as a Professional", focuses on the changing requirements for both the initial preparation and the continuing professional education of teachers. The second area, "Classroom Roles of the Teacher of the Future" is concerned more specifically with the way in which developments in Information and Communication Technologies are changing the way in which teachers interact with students. Finally, the section "Teaching and Learning Environments of the Future" examines a range of pedagogical scenarios in differing stages of development and implementation, each of which provides a special insight into how the "classroom of the future" might function.


Melbourne 2003 Committees. Melbourne 2003 Sponsors. Preface; C. Dowling, Kwok-Wing Lai.
Section 1: Setting the Scene - The Keynote Addresses. The Teaching Profession: A Networked Profession in New Networked Environments; B. Cornu. Designing Learning Experiences: Supporting Teachers in the Process of Technology Change; B. Harper. The Teacher - A Forgotten Stakeholder? D. Watson.
Section 2: The Teacher of the Future as a Professional. ICT, National Policies, and their Impact on Schools and Teachers' Development; R.M. Bottino. Using an Educational Consensus to Reach Educational Technology Tipping Point; R. Carlsen. Path to the Future: Generative Evaluation for Simultaneous Renewal of ICT in Teacher Education and K-12 Schools; N. Davis, M. Kemis, N. Johnson. ICT and Future Teachers: Are We Preparing for E-learning? A. Jones. Developing a European Pioneer Teacher Community for School Innovation; V. Midoro, S. Bocconi, A. Martin, F. Pozzi, L. Sarti. A New Qualification and Certification for Specialist ICT Teachers; S. Schubert. In Service Teacher Development Using ICT: First Step in Lifelong Learning; J.A. Valente. Raising the Standards: ICT and the Teacher of the Future; I. Webb, T. Downes. Professional Development Needs of Teachers Managing Self-Guided Learning; W. Weber.
Reports of Focus Group Discussions: Group A- The Teacher as a Professional: Fostering Professionalism; Chair: R. Morel. Rapporteur: P. Nicholson. Group B- The Professional Teacher: Contexts, Capabilities and Competencies; Chair: S. Schubert, Rapporteur: T. Downes.
Section 3: Classroom Roles of the Teacher of the Future. Developing ICT Leadership Skills for Teachers ofthe Future; D. Chambers. The Effects of Attitudes, Pedagogical Practices and Teachers' Roles on the Incorporation of ICT into the School Curriculum; M. Cox. From Facilitator to Knowledge-Builder: A New Role for the Teacher of the Future; E. Hartnell-Young. Teacher Empowerment and Minimalist Design; Wing-Wah Ki, A. Ling-Sung Chung, Ho-Cheong Lam. Innovative Classroom Practices and the Teacher of the Future; N. Law. From Teacher Education to Professional Development for E-learning in an E-society; R. Morel, J.-C. Domenjoz, C. Lachat, C. Rossi. Technology Matters But Good Teachers Matter More; G. Romeo.
Reports of Focus Group Discussions: Group C- The Role of the Teacher; Chair: M. Cox. Rapporteur: S. Kennewell. Group D- The Role of Teachers: Lifelong Learners in a Community of Practice; Chair: W. Weber. Rapporteur: T. Haaksma.
Section 4: Teaching and Learning Environments of the Future. Mathematical Teaching and Learning Environment Mediated by ICT; G. Chiappini, B. Pedemonte, E. Robotti. Distant Actors on a Digital Campus, or Sharing and Crumbling Pedagogical Responsibility; H. Godinet. ICT and the Quality of Teaching: Some Hungarian Results of the OECD ICT Project; A. Kárpáti. Developing Research Models for ICT-Based Pedagogy; S. Kennewell. Technology Access: Resources Wasted in Computer Laboratories; K. Kiili. Teacher in the Mobile World; J. Multisilta, H. Keiho, H. Ketamo. Using Portable Computer Technologies to Support Learning Environments; P. Newhouse. E-Learning, ICT, and Learning Portals for Schools; F. Ruiz Tarragó. Slash 21: A New School and a New Way of Learning; H. van Dieten.
Reports of Focus Group Discussions: Group
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