Indonesia's Small Entrepreneurs: Trading on the Margins

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November 2002



Using a new framework for the study of small enterprises, the 'small enterprise integrative framework', this book gives us a greater understanding of the organization and operations of small enterprises in developing countries, at both the micro and macro levels. In the context of Makassar, on the eastern Indonesian island of Sulawesi, the book explores the socio-economic and cultural relationships that make life for small entrepreneurs in Makassar so distinctive. The application of this new framework for research reveals the diversity of labor flexibility, networking and cluster styles among enterprise studies, and the constraints they face for growth.
The recent Southeast Asian economic crisis has been heralded by certain commentators as a new era for small enterprises in the region, the book concludes that local realities for the small enterprises in Makassar mean that while for some it has been a time of shifting fortunes, others have continued trading on the margins.


1. Introduction 2. Approaches to small enterprise research 3. Small enterprise research in developing countries: new directions 4. Setting the scene: the context of production 5. Small enterprises in Makassar: internal dynamics 6. Small enterprises in Makassar: inter-firm dynamics 7. Constraints to small enterprise growth 8. Shifting fortunes of small enterprises 9. Retrospect and prospect


Sarah Turner is a Lecturer in the Department of Geography, University of Otago, New Zealand. She specialises in studying the socio-economic and political processes which influence the operations of small enterprises in urban Southeast Asia. Her current research focuses on Makassar, Indonesia and Hanoi, Vietnam.


"Turner's book is a valuable contribution to the literature. In taking the study of small entrepreneurs to a corner of the world where work is distinctly limited she has broadened the debate. In focusing on the social and cultural facets of business, and not just the business of business, she has also helped deepen the debate. The wealth of local color, moreover, gives this account a human touch absent from many other studies."
-Journal of Asian Business
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