Politics and the Press in Indonesia: Understanding an Evolving Political Culture

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November 2002



This book explores the evolving political culture in Indonesia, by discussing the country's dominant political philosophies, then showing how those philosophies affect the working lives of ordinary Indonesian citizens. It focuses in particular on the working lives of news journalists, a group that occupies a strategic social and political position.


A Note on Spelling and Style List of Figures List of Tables 1. Introduction 2. The 'Authentic' Indonesian Character 3. The Organic New Order State 4. The Era of 'Reform' 5. The Enigma of hte Pancasila Journalist 6. Professional Image in the Community of Journalists 7. Print Professionals and Ink Coolies 8. Professional Affiliation: Politics and the PWI 9. No Woman, No Cry 10. News Sources in the Political Labyrinth 11. Information Broking in the Public Sphere 12. The Envelope Please 13. Conclusion Endnotes Glossary Appendix Bibliography Interviews and Personal Communications Index


Angela Romano lectures on journalism at the Queensland University of Technology, Australia. She is on the executive board of the Journalism Education Association (South Pacific branch) and is associate editor of the journal Asian Pacific Media Educator. She has worked as a journalist for over a decade in Australia and Indonesia, mainly for radio, newspaper and specialist journals.
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