Medicine and Science at Exeter Cathedral Library

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Exeter Cathedral Library, established in the eleventh century, houses medical and scientific books from all periods. The collection is one of the best of its kind and is a major resource. It includes the library of the Exeter physician Thomas Glass, which he left to the cathedral in the eighteenth century, as well as pre-1901 items from Exeter Medical Library. This catalogue is the first comprehensive treatment of the collection to be published, and has over 2700 entries, including material added in the 1990s. The book also includes an Introduction by Peter Thomas, plus indexes of subjects; co-authors, editors, biographies; owners. The great names in medical history are represented--Hippocrates, Galen, Vesalius, Pare, Jenner and many others, and among the scientists--Galileo, Kepler and Boyle. And the subjects covered by the collection include 'hard' medicine and science as well as herbalism, hypnotism, phrenology, navigation, agriculture, tobacco, winemaking, astrology, alchemy and acupuncture.


List of Illustrations, vi; Acknowledgements, vi; Introduction, vii; Bibliography, xxv; Abbreviations, xxvii; Catalogue of printed books, 1; List of Manuscripts, 282; Name Index 1, 286; Name Index 2, 299; Subject Index, 309; Glossary of Latin Place-Names, 321.


Peter W. Thomas has been a librarian at Exeter Cathedral Library since 1977
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