How Women Executives Succeed: Lessons and Experiences from the Federal Government

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Juni 1994



The significance of this study on women executives is twofold: one, the book is about women in the public sector, and two, it is written by a woman in the executive service of the government itself. The treatise is a well-documented study of seventy-eight women executives who advanced into the upper reaches of the government executive service. The work analyzes the significant experiences, individuals, developmental stages, and barriers that these women encountered. It provides constructive information for women employees, women managers, and managers of women and minorities. The introductory chapters review learning theories and models, literature, and data collected. The book then proceeds to its main theme, the experiences and lessons of SES women. Various supervisory experiences in task forces, projects, and turning around an organization are analyzed. Role models, bosses, and mentors and their impact is detailed. Successful handling of an executive job, balancing life and work, and dealing with invisible barriers are also addressed. The book concludes with "100 Steps to the Top". The original survey questionnaire, key charts, and graphs are included. This book will be beneficial to human resource professionals and for inclusion in courses in human resource management, women's studies, and a worthwhile addition to college and university collections.


?The importance of Little's research focus is indisputable. For readers interested in detailed qualitative and quantitative data on the experiences of successful federal senior executive women, Little's book is a useful source for such information.?-Business & The Contemporary World
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