Joseph Roggendorf - Between Different Cultures: A Memoir

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August 2004



Written for a Japanese audience (for whom he wrote a great deal over the years), this memoir is dated December 1982. It opens with details of the author's birth in 1908 and young life in the Cologne region of Germany, takes us through the fascinating experiences of his youth, then into the 1930s, his first encounter with Japan as a language student in 1935, followed by further Jesuitical studies in Britain that concluded with a period at SOAS, University of London, before setting off for Japan again in 1940--this time to spend the rest of his life there.


Publisher's Note; Foreword by Sir Hugh Cortazzi; Introduction by Edward Seidensticker; CHAPTER ONE: Childhood and Youth; CHAPTER TWO: Entering Religious Life and First Alien Culture Contacts; CHAPTER THREE: Tokyo - London. Slithering into the War; CHAPTER FOUR: Cultural Interaction; Postscript; Endnotes by Sir Hugh Cortazzi; Index


Joseph Roggendorf was born in 1908, in Mechernich, west of Cologne, the eldest of eight children. He recalls, when returning to the region: 'As I stood there ... looking down on my native town and, further to the east, the plain of Cologne, I felt that it was here, at this spot, that my interest in the intermingling of cultures had begun.' Just before completing his seven years at Gymnasium (1919-26), he announced that he was going to become a priest and join the Society of Jesus (Jesuits); he made his first trip to Japan ten years later. 'The image of Japan had been looming in my motives to join the Jesuit Order,' he admits. In 1937 he was required to return to Europe (England) to complete his studies at London University so that he could teach in the newly-established English Literature Department at Sophia University. He left England in June 1940, shortly after Dunkirk, and returned to Japan where he was to spend the rest of his life. Fr Roggendorf died suddenly on 27 December 1982.
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