Vibrations and Waves in Physics

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Juli 1993



This book is designed both for use as a text for and initial undergraduate course on vibrations and waves, and for a reference at later stages when more advanced topics or applications are met. As such it is suitable for undergraduates at all levels in physics or and physics-based discipline concerned with vibrations and waves.


1. Free vibrations; 2. Free vibrations in physics; 3. Damping; 4. Damping in physics; 5. Forced vibrations; 6. Forced vibrations in physics; 7. Anharmonic vibrations; 8. Two-coordinate vibrations; 9. Non-dispersive waves; 10. Non-dispersive waves in physics; 11. Fourier theory; 12. Dispersion; 13. Water waves; 14. Electromagnetic waves; 15. De Broglie waves; 16. Solitary waves; 17. Plane waves at boundaries; 18. Diffraction; Answers to problems, and hints for solution; Constants and units; Index.


"...an excellent book which can be thoroughly recommended either for use as a text for an undergraduate course introducing the student to many of the widely-pervading notions connected with vibrations and waves, or indeed for anyone who feels the need to broaden his knowledge in this sphere." Nature "This second edition is undeniably even better and should become a standard text for waves courses in many disciplines, in addition to its original home in a physics department." Physics Education "...A masterful accomplishment." American Journal of Physics "...[has] gone beyond the diet of springs and strings that dominates the traditional, unimaginative waves-and-oscillations course...[brings] in plenty of real-world applications such as transmission of electromagnetic waves, and lead[s] the reader to quantum theory in a mainly painless introduction." Tania Monteiro, New Scientist
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