A Tapestry of Orbits

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Juni 2005



The story of how small changes in satellite orbits have led to great changes in our views of the Earth and atmosphere is told in this narrative from the pioneer of this orbit analysis technique.


Preface; Prologue, 1948-1953; 1. Prelude to space, 1953-1957; 2. The real thing, 1957-1958; 3. Full speed ahead, 1958-1960; 4. Sailing through the sixties, 1961-1969; 5. Into the realm of resonance, 1970-1979; 6. On the shelf, 1980-1988; 7. Out of the fray, 1988-1991; References; Index.


'... King-Hele skilfully entwines a thorough, well illustrated and well referenced review of his scientific speciality with revealing snatches of autobiography... he has presented us with a first-class cocktail of science and life.' Nature
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