Gender Communication Theories and Analyses: From Silence to Performance

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Juli 2005



Contemporary Gender Communication Theories and Analyses surveys the field of gender and communication with a particular focus on gender and communication theories and methods. How have theories about gender and communication evolved and been influenced by first-, second-, and third-wave feminisms? And similarly, how have feminist communication scholars been inspired by existing methods and aspired to generate their own? The goal of the text is to help readers develop analytic focus and knowledge about their underlying assumptions that gender communication scholars use in their work.

Features and benefits:

- applies theoretical and methodological lenses to contemporary cases, allowing readers to see gender and communcation theory work in action;

- presents a comprehensive introduction to particular feminist theories and methodologies;

- provides effective end-of-chapter cases and sample analyses that help readers see the kinds of questions and analyses that a particular theory and method bring into play;

- discusses contemporary research in gender and communication and expands on future directions for research.


1. Three Waves of Feminism: From Suffragettes to Grrls
The First Feminist Wave: Votes for Women
The Second Feminist Wave: "The Personal Is Political"
The Third Feminist Wave: Transversal Politics
Our Own Situatedness: Transversity
2. Feminist Communication Theories
Structuralism and Feminist Communication Theories
Poststructuralism and Feminist Communication Theories
3. Feminist Communication Methodology
Structuralism and Methodology
Poststructuralism and Methodology
4. Sexist Discourse, Deficit and Dominance
From Deficit to Dominance
Situated Dominances
Case Study: Feminist Conversation Analysis (FCA)
5. Discourses of Difference and Identity
Gender, Discourse, and Articulation
Settings of Difference
Case Study: Feminist Critical Discourse Analysis (FCDA)
6. Gender and Performance
Gender, Performance, and Communication
Situated Performances
Case Study: Feminist Poststructuralist Discourse Analysis (FPDA)
From Silence to Performance
From Conversation Analysis to Poststructuralist Discourse Analysis
Toward Transitivity: What Does the Future Hold?
About the Authors


Charlotte Kroløkke (Ph.D., University of Minnesota, Minneapolis; M.A., University of North Dakota, Grand Forks; B.A., Syddansk Universitet [Odense Danmark]) is Assistant Professor at the Center for Cultural Studies at the University of Southern Denmark. She has worked especially within the fields of computer-mediated communication and third-wave feminist rhetoric on the Internet. She is a member of U.S. and Danish gender and communication associations and a board member of the Danish Gender Studies Library in Copenhagen, Denmark.


"Gender Communication Theories and Analyses: From Silence to Performance is an innovative analysis of contemporary feminist communication theories and methods. The book is both a thought-provoking analysis of feminist scholarship and an inspiration to innovative theorizing on gender and communication. Overall, the authors have made an invaluable contribution to ongoing feminist scholarship. Their book brings together watershed ideas on feminist theorizing and methods in an elucidating and far reaching analysis of conceptual traditions and new directions in feminist communication studies. I highly recommend this book for advanced undergraduate and graduate courses and for anyone journeying into feminist theorizing."
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