Broadcast Journalism: A Guide for the Presentation of Radio and Television News

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Januar 1994



A Comprehensive introduction to the various aspects of electronic newsgathering (broadcast journalism). Covers radio and TV, writing, reporting and producing. Extensively revised.


I. NEWSWRITING. 1. Introduction to Broadcast Style. 2. Training, Reference Materials, and Copy Appearance. 3. Story Structure, Leads, Language. 4. WhoO and What.O 5. WhenO and Where.O 6. Libel, Attribution, Quotation, and Ethics. 7. Special Segments. II. RADIO NEWS. 8. Is Anyone Listening? 9. Sources of Radio News. 10. Audiotape I: Actualities (Sound Bites). 11. Audiotape II: Reports. 12. Audiotape III: Interviewing, Editing, Field Reporting. 13. Radio Newscasting. III. TELEVISION NEWS. 14. Is a Picture Worth a Thousand Words? 15. Picture and Script Components. 16. Videotape I: Components, Sources, and Editing. 17. Videotape II: Scripting. 18. Reporting I: The Assignment. 19. Reporting II: Shooting the Story. 20. Reporting III: Basic Story Coverage. 21. Performing. Index.
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