The Traveler's World: A Dictionary of Industry and Destination Literacy

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Juli 1995



Appropriate for introductory courses in Destination Geography or various other travel, tourism and hospitality courses. Also valuable as a reference for travel industry professionals.
This dictionary offers definitions for much of the jargon used in the travel, tourism and hospitality industries as well as words and phrases from physical, political and cultural geography.


A: a la carte to azuelejos. B: Baalbek to Byzantine style. C: cab to Czestochowa. D: daikon to dzong. E: EAASY Sabre to extra section. F: FAA to fuul. G: gabilis to gyre. H: haboob to hypocaust. I: IAAPA to itinerary. J: J. Paul Getty Museum to Jura Mountains. K: Kaaba to Kyzyl Kum. L: La Villita Historical District to Luxembourg. M: Macao to Mystic Seaport. N: NAATO to Nymphenburg porcelain. O: OAG Desktop Flight Guide to ozone layer. P: pa to pysanky. Q: qanat to Quirinal Hill. R: rabelos to ryokan. S: Saba to System One(R). T: tabang to tzuica. U: UATP to Uxmal. V: vaccination certificate to V/STOLS. W: Wabash River to Wyandotte Caves. X: Xenia hotels to xlokke. Y: Yablonovyy Mountains to yurt. Z: zabaglione to zydeco.
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