The Healing Experience: Readings on the Social Context of Health Care

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Februar 1994



This anthology explores medical and health-related problems from the perspectives of well-known health care practitioners and medical sociology researchers--all of whom have written about their lives and struggles in vivid detail. Explores major topics such as the healer's role, healers at work, healers and patients, healing and women, healing and outsiders, and re-creating healing institutions. Raises and explores the larger, basic issues of medical practice and medical institutions from a perspective based on firsthand experience and close observation. For those in the medical and health-related fields, and those interested in medical sociology.


THE HEALER'S ROLE. 1. Lewis Thomas, "Medical Lessons from History". 2. Eliot Freidson, "Dilemmas in the Doctor-Patient Relationship". 3. Richard Baron, M.D., "I Can't Hear You While I'm Listening". HEALERS AT WORK. 4. Matthew Dumont, "Genesis of a Community Psychiatrist". 5. Richard Selzer, "The Art of Surgery". 6. Marcia Millman, "The Ultimate in Surgery". 7. James Jones, "The Joy of My Life". 8. Echo Heron, "Emergency Room Nurse". 9. Perri Klass, "Rape Kit". 10. Kathleen Hunt, "Daring to Heal". HEALERS AND PATIENTS. 11. Robert Coles, "Starting Out". 12. Renee C. Fox, "Paul O'Brian". 13. William Carlos Williams, "The Use of Force". 14. Joseph Heller and Speed Vogel, "The Road Back". HEALING AND WOMEN. 15. Barbara Ehrenreich and Deirdre English, "The Dictatorship of the Ovaries". 16. William Stockton, "Ann and Rick". 17. Barbara Katz Rothman, "Midwifery as Feminist Praxis". HEALING AND OUTSIDERS. 18. Colin McCord, M.D., and Harold P. Freeman, M.D., "Excess Mortality in Halrem". 19. Victor Ayala, "AIDS Patients". 20. Susan Sheehan, "Miss Frumkin". 21. Robert L. Kane and Rosalie A. Kane, "Dissatisfaction Guaranteed". 22. Kathleen Deierlein, "Ideology and Holistic Alternatives". RE-CREATING HEALING INSTITUTIONS. 23. Ruth Macklin, "Applying Moral Principles". 24. Daniel Callahan, "From Explosion to Implosion: Transforming Healthcare". 25. Wade K. Smith, M.D., "Building a Hospice: A Personal Viewpoint". 26. Arnold S. Relman, M.D., "Reforming Our Health Care System: A Physician's Perspective". 27. Richard Titmuss, "Postscript". Index.
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