An Integrated Approach to Early Literacy: Literature to Language

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Januar 1994



A holistic approach to language learning from a developmental point of view. Text covers three main areas: the characteristics of human development, theories that guide the caregiver to create the appropriate environments for learning, and practical strategies that encourage growth in reading, speaking, listening and writing. courses in emergent literacy, reading in early childhood education, early childhood language arts.


1. The Broad Concepts of Literacy.
2. Foundation for Becoming Literate.
3. Frameworks for Observing Growth and Needs.
4. The First Year of Life: The Foundations of Literacy.
5. The Second Year of Life.
6. The Third Year of Life.
7. The Fourth Year of Life.
8. The Fifth Year of Life.
9. The Sixth Year of Life: Kindergarten.
10. The Seventh and Eighth Years of Life: Literacy and the School.
Epilogue: Putting It All Together: Integrating the Language Arts In the Primary Classroom.
Children's Literature References.
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