Basic Mathematics

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August 1998



This text in basic mathematics is ideal for high school or college students. It provides a firm foundation in basic principles of mathematics and thereby acts as a springboard into calculus, linear algebra and other more advanced topics. The information is clearly presented, and the author develops concepts in such a manner to show how one subject matter can relate and evolve into another.


1: Numbers.
2: Linear Equations.
3: Real Numbers.
4: Quadratic Equations.
5: Distance and Angles.
6: Isometries.
7: Area and Applications.
8: Coordinates and Geometry.
9: Operations on Points.
10: Segments, Rays, and Lines.
11: Trigonometry.
12: Some Analytic Geometry.
13: Functions.
14: Mappings.
15: Complex Numbers.
16: Inductins and Summations.
17: Determinants.
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