Argument in the Greenhouse: The International Economics of Controlling Global Warming

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Februar 1997



Covering both the developing and developed world, this book identifies important new policies to foster effective agreements in emissions and prevent global warming: realistic policies which should receive international and domestic support.


Nick Mabey is a Research Fellow at the Centre for Economic Forecasting, London Business School; Stephen Hall is Professor of Economics, Imperial College; Clare Smith is a Consultant on energy and environmental issues; Sujata Gupta is a Research Fellow at the Tat Institute, India


""This book makes a number of valuabel contributions to efforts to understand and appropriately control anthropogenic climate change. It provides an excellent introduction...offers an insightful analysis..." "Environment.."
..."has one of the best short descriptions of what the global warming/climate change problem is all about... well worth studying for a better understanding of the computer modeling process, as well as the political and economic issues involved."
-"Boston Book Review
..." a substantial work that makes a number of contributions to the effort to understand and appropriately control anthropogenic climate change."
..." the authors provide a unique focus on the wider political economy of the problem. All of the key issues of controlling the climate change are placed firmly within the current legal and political economy context, with state-of-the-art economic techniques introduced to analyze different policy proposals."
-"Environmental Law
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