Elections, Mass Politics and Social Change in Modern Germany: New Perspectives

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Historical essays on German mass politics, from novel and sometimes surprising viewpoints.


Preface; Introduction Larry Eugene Jones and James Retallack; Part I. Electoral Politics in an Authoritarian Regime: 1. Interpreting Wilhelmine elections: national issues, fairness issues, and electoral mobilization Brett Fairbairn; 2. Antisocialism and electoral politics in regional perspective: the kingdom of Saxony James Retallack; 3. The liberal power monopoly in the cities of imperial Germany Hartmut Pogge von Strandmann; 4. Reichstag elections in the Kaiserreich: the prospects for electoral research in the interdisciplinary context Peter Steinbach; Part II. Gender, Identity, and Political Participation: 5. Women, gender, and the limits of political history in the age of 'mass' politics Eve Rosenhaft; 6. Gender and the culture of work: ideology and identity in the world behind the mill gate, 1890-1914 Kathleen Canning; 7. Serving the Volk, saving the nation: women in the youth movement and the public sphere in Weimar Germany Elizabeth Harvey; 8. Modernization, emancipation, mobilization: Nazi society reconsidered Jill Stephenson; Part III. Local Dimensions of Political Culture: 9. Democracy or reaction? The political implications of localist ideas in Wilhelmine and Weimar Germany Celia Applegate; 10. Communist music in the streets: politics and perceptions in Berlin at the end of the Weimar Republic Richard Bodek; 11. Weimar populism and National Socialism in local perspective Peter Fritzsche; 12. Political mobilization and associational life: some thoughts on the National Socialist German Workers' Club Roger Chickering; Part IV. The National Perspective: Continuities and Discontinuities: 13. 1918 and all that: reassessing the periodization of recent German history Stuart T. Robson; 14. Generational conflict and the problem of political mobilization in the Weimar Republic Larry Eugene Jones; 15. The social bases of political cleavages in the Weimar Republic, 1919-1933 Jurgen W. Falter; 16. The formation and dissolution of a German national electorate: from Kaiserreich to Third Reich Richard Bessel; Index.


'It is a detailed and factual study of political movements and parties ...' Dave Morgan and Marguerite Morgan, Morning Star
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