The Reign of Elizabeth I: Court and Culture in the Last Decade

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September 2003



A study of politics and political culture of the 'last decade' of the reign of Elizabeth I, in effect the years 1585 to 1603.


Preface; Abbreviations; Introduction: the 1590s: the second reign of Elizabeth I? JOHN GUY; 1. The patronage of the Crown in Elizabethan politics: the 1590s in perspective SIMON ADAMS; 2 .Regnum Cecilianum? A Cecilian perspective of the court NATALIE MEARS; 3. Patronage at Court, faction and the earl of Essex PAUL E. J. HAMMER; 4. Peers, patronage and the politics of history LINDA LEVY PECK; 5. The fall of Sir John Perrot HIRAM MORGAN; 6. The Elizabethan establishment and the ecclesiastical polity JOHN GUY; 7. Ecclesiastical vitriol: religious satire in the 1590s and the invention of puritanism PATRICK COLLINSON; 8. Ecclesiastical vitriol: the kirk, the puritans and the future king of England JENNY WORMALD; 9. Social strain and social dislocation, 1585-1603 JIM SHARPE; 10. Lords of Liberty: Francis Davison and the cult of Elizabeth RICHARD C. McCOY; 11. The complaint of poetry for the death of liberality: the decline of literary patronage in the 1590s ALISTAIR FOX; 12. Summer's Last Will and Testament: revels' end MARIE AXTON; 13. The theatre and the court in the 1590s FRITZ LEVY; Index.


"The various contributors have done a fine job in filling out the contentions with some of the most important writing on the late Elizabethan period to have appeared in decades." Glenn Burgess, Albion "The scholarship is impeccable throughout this volume, and the writers are acknowledged exprts in their respective fields." Ben Lowe, The Historian "John Guy's impressive gathering of essays addresses the Tudor dynasty's twilight moment...as virtually a "second reign" for the aging queen. Richard McCoy's superb treatment of the politics of the poetical anthology, combined with Alistair Fox's assessment of patronage's decline, clears a way for fresh understanding of thiss urgent aspect of early literary production and transmission." International Journal of the Classical Tradition, vol.6.1
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