Kant and the Mind

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April 1997



The renowned 18th-century German philosopher Immanuel Kant made a number of highly original discoveries about the mindits ability to comprehend self and world and the semantics it uses to achieve awareness.The author here shows that even with the intense research taking place this century, Kant's discoveries never have been superseded nor, in fact, even fully assimilated into current thinking.


1. The contemporary relevance of Kant's work; 2. Kant's theory of the subject; 3. Kant's conception of awareness and self-awareness; 4. Kant's theory of apperceptive self-awareness; 5. The mind in the Critique of Pure Reason; 6. The first-edition subjective deduction: the object of 'one experience'; 7. Kant's diagnosis of the Second Paralogism; 8. The Third Paralogism: unity without identity over time; 9. The second-edition subjective deduction: self-representing representations; 10. Nature and awareness of the self.


'The book is to be recommended primarily to philosophers ... for its having ... shown the importance of ... Kant's ... unity of consciousness. It is also to be recommended to cognitive psychologists for presenting a Kant who is to be less lightly treated than he usually is in psychology.' Journal of the History of Behavioural Sciences ' ... novel ideas on important topics, forcefully presented so they cannot be disregarded.' Mind
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