Women and Revolution in Africa, Asia, and the New World

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November 1994



Women and Revolution in Africa, Asia, and the New World evaluates the effect of political upheaval on the way that women live and on the most basic of social organizations - the family. The contributors use a variety of theoretical approaches to analyze how women as a class have experienced specific twentieth-century revolutions. They identify the issues that prompted women to participate in the struggles, the roles they played, the contributions they made, and their hopes for better lives for themselves as women in the post-revolutionary society. In some instances, gender issues were used to mobilize men in support of individuals and parties seeking political power in the new order, and in other cases, attempts by revolutionaries to spearhead changes in gender relations became focal points for counter-revolution. The contributors note why and how women themselves sometimes oppose changes in gender relations, and how that opposition affects post-revolutionary politics.


Women and revolution: a framework for analysis / Mary Ann Taetreault -- Women and revolution in Mozambique: a luta continua / Kathleen Sheldon -- "This, t is a way of fighting": rural women's participation in Zimbabwe's liberation / Sita Ranchod-Nilsson -- "Men in our country behave like chiefs": women and the Angolan revolution / Catherine V. Scott -- Women and revolution in Vietn / Mary Ann Taetreault -- Women and revolution in China: the sources of constraints on women's emancipation / Kyung Ae Park -- Women and revolution South and North Korea / Kyung Ae Park -- Women and revolution in Indonesia / Susan MacFarland -- Revolution, Islamist reaction, and women in Afghanistan/ Valentine M. Moghadam -- Women and revolution in Yugoslavia (1945-1989) / Ob Kesic -- Sexuality and the politics of revolution in Iran / Farideh Farhi -- Women, revolution, and Israel / Connie Jorgensen -- Whose honor? Whose liberation? Women and the reconstruction of politics in Kuwait / Mary Ann Taetreault -- Women, adamocracy, and the Bolivian social revolution / Gratzi Villarroel Smeall -- Gender and the Mexican revolution: the intersection of family, state, and church / Diane Mitsch Bush, Stephen P. Mumme -- Remaking public sphere: women and revolution in Cuba / Sheryl L. Lutjens -- Women and the counter-revolution in Chile / Joan Supplee -- Simultaneous revolutions a exits: a semi-skeptical comment / Christine Sylvester -- Women and revolutio what have we learned? / Mary Ann Taetreault.
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