Solid State Electrochemistry

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November 2003



First time paperback of successful chemistry monograph.


1. Introduction P. G. Bruce; 2. Crystalline solid electrolytes I: general considerations and the major materials A. R. West; 3. Crystalline solid electrolytes II: material design J. B. Goodenough; 4. Ionic transport in glassy electrolytes J. L. Souquet; 5. Polymer electrolytes I: general principles D. F. Shriver and P. G. Bruce; 6 Polymer electrolytes II: physical principles P. G. Bruce and F. M. Gray; 7. Insertion electrodes I: atomic and electronic structure of the hosts and their insertion compounds W. R. McKinnon; 8. Electrode performance W. Weppner; 9. Polymer electrodes B. Scrosati; 10. Interfacial electrochemistry R. D. Armstrong and M. Todd; 11. Applications O. Yamamoto.


"The graduate student who is beginning research...will find this book an excellent companion and introduction to where the battery field stands...Professionals who are just entering the field will also want a copy on their desks...I have no hestitation in recommending [it] to anyone interested in the electrochemistry of solids." M. Stanley Whittingham, Physics Today "Authoritative and up-to-date..." A. Fry, Choice "...an excellent introduction to the chemistry and electrochemistry of materials in solid-state cells." Michael Lerner, Materials Research Bulletin "...this is an important and valuable addition to the libraries of electrochemists and solid state chemists alike." Bruce Parkinson, Journal of the American Chemical Society
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Untertitel: 'Chemistry of Solid State Mater'. Revised. Sprache: Englisch.
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