Conversations with American Novelists Conversations with American Novelists Conversations with American Novelists

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Dezember 1997



Attempting to give readers a chance to get to know the authors behind their favourite novels, contemporary novelists discuss the style and themes of their work in this book. Originally conducted for the American Audio Prose Library, the interviews were then edited for The Missouri Review.


About the EditorsKay Bonetti is founder and Director of American Audio Prose Library.Greg Michalson is Managing Editor of "The Missouri Review." His fiction has been mentioned in "Best American Short Stories" and in the Pushcart Prize anthology. He also serves as General Editor of a prize-winning novel series published by MacMurray and Beck.Speer Morgan is Editor of "The Missouri Review" and Professor of English at the University of Missouri-Columbia. He is the author of four novels, most recently "The Whipping Boy."Jo Sapp has recently returned from a four-year stint in Malaysia, where she studied the literature of the region and wrote short fiction. Her stories have appeared in numerous magazines and have been included in the "Norton Anthology of Short Fiction."Sam Stowers is sound recordist, audio editor, and coproducer of numerous American Audio Prose Library audio cassettes and radio programs.
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