The Growth of Sociological Theory: Human Nature, Knowledge and Social Change

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Oktober 1990



An exploration of sociological theory - from the Enlightenment to the Early Twentieth Century.


1. Introduction. I. THE ENLIGHTENMENT AND THE BEGINNINGS OF SOCIOLOGY. 2. The Idea of Progress and the Perfectibility of the Human Race. 3. The Philosophical Anthropologies of the Enlightenment and the Idea of the Social. 4. Knowledge and Human Science. 5. The Scottish Moralists. 6. Christian Social Philosophy and the Conservative Impulse. II. THE SOCIOLOGIES OF THE NINETEENTH CENTURY. 7. Auguste Comte: Sociology and the Enlightenment Vision. 8. Herbert Spencer: Nineteenth Century Evolutionism and the Capture of Sociology. 9. Backgrounds of Marx: Hegel and Young Hegelians, Materialism, Feuerebach, Marx's Critique. 10. Marx and Engels: Historical Materialism and the Sociology of Capitalist Society. III. SOCIOLOGY AT THE TURN OF THE CENTURY: THE CRISIS, LIBERALISM, AND THE RECONSTRUCTION OF SOCIOLOGY. 11. Emile Durkheim I: Philosophical Anthropology and Rules for Sociology. 12. Emile Durkheim II: The Substantive Sociologies. 13. Max Weber I: Philosophical Anthropology and the Methodology of the Historical and Social Sciences. 14. Max Weber II: Weber's Conceptual Scheme and Historical Sociology. 15. The Emergence of Interactionism and the Theory of Social Structure and Social Change in the United States. 16. Conclusion.
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